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Toolbar for Dax 4.0

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Toolbar for Dynamics Ax 4.0[edit]

  This is a Toolbar for Dynamics Ax 4.0, which comes up with some simple and interesting feature.


Download XPO[edit]

Features Version 1.0:[edit]

Record Count Feature[edit]

 This can be used along with the forms to get the number of records present in the form
 based on the current query and also the query based on which the records are fetched.

    Keep the form on which you want to perform this operation open and make 

sure it is on the front (active), then click the record count button

You will get an infolog like this which will display the number of records in the form
    If you want to see the query click the “show Query” button on the infolog, 
    then the query will displayed like this which can be   closed by clicking    
    or Esc (you can copy it to a notepad also, helps much in analysis)

Backup feature[edit]

       This feature is used to take back up of all the items you want to export in one go.             


        To add a particular element to back up list, select the item and click add to Backup 
       (now it has been added to backup list),this way select all the item that you want to 
        add to the backup list.
      When you want to perform a backup Just click the back up icon, all the elements you      
      have selected will be backed up to a Predefined location (The location can be defined,   
      by right clicking and opening the parameter window).The current backup is saved in a    
      folder named with today’s date and time 
      If an item is already added to backup then you will get an option like remove from 
      backup which you can use to remove it from backup.

Recent Project Feature[edit]

       This drop box shows the recent projects you have used  , selecting the project name  
       will open it if it is not opened or bring the project to front if it is already opened 
       and make it active. The number of projects displayed can be customized, by right 
       clicking and opening the parameter window

Search Google Feature[edit]

       You can type any word that you want search as you type in the home page of   
       Google and Clicking on the Google button will open you the search result directly.

Open Utilities Feature[edit]

 Clicking on the corresponding button opens the corresponding Utility (so Simple :))

User Logged Feature[edit]

 Displays the User Logged in to Dynamics Ax 4.0

How – To’s :[edit]

I want to Hide it[edit]

 Click the arrow <- button at the left corner             

How To open it[edit]

 It opens when you along with Ax itself, if you closed it Go to Administration and open it.

Setting up Parameters[edit]

 Just Right Click anywhere to Setup the Parameters for the Toolbar



Help me make it better[edit]

 if You have any feed back please feel free to log it through or visit
 Kamal's Space - My Tech blog on Ax


Palle Agermark

Max Belugin

Arijit Basu