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Axapta has a kernal method called rangeCount() which obviously cannot be seen/altered. This method returns the number of ranges in a specific query. I would like to know the coding in this method as Axapta 4 has a bug - it does'nt return the correct number.

This is what i have so far, . . . int counter = 1;

while(counterRun = true) {

 _queryBuildRange = _queryBuildDataSource.range(counter);//Line 5
   counterRun = false;
   counter = 0;


This works if there are ranges and if there are none which sounds perfect..however, The bug in Axapta assumes there is a range but when it gets to Line 5 it throws an error - which is correct because its trying to access a range when in actual fact there is none. So does anyone know the coding behind the method rangeCount()? Please could someone HELP.