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Create Project through Tool

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Create Project through Tool[edit]

The project XPO has four main functionalities: 1) Creation of project 2) Fetching list of child classes for a given class 3) Adding classes to the project 4) Opening project through code

Download XPO[edit]

Step One :[edit]

First step is to download project XPO and import it to your environment .This XPO works only with Ax2012.

Step Two[edit]

Compile the project and make sure that there are no errors. After, importing successfully you can see the project AOT as shown below.

Creation of project[edit]

“PksCreateProjectDataContract” has a method “findorCreateProject” it takes project name as input parameter and returns ProjectNode

Fetching list of child classes for a given class[edit]

In Ax2012 there is a class “SysDictClass”, it has a method “implementedby” we use this method to get the list of all implemented classes i.e. child classes.

Adding classes to the project[edit]

Using list iterator we add this classes to the project using method “addClass2Project” of class “PksCreateProjectDataContract”.

Opening project through code[edit]

Opening project through code is simple task which is done by using method “openProject” of class “PksCreateProjectDataContract”.

When user runs the project a dialog pops-up asking for class name. “PksCreateProjectDataContract” is the class which User Interface (dialog) which is shown and also holds the input data given by End User. This data is given to the “PksCreateProjectController” class which will do further operation.