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Generate Parm Methods extension

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This IDE extension helps to generate parm methods for your class's variables. To download it click here (170k)


1. Import GenerateParmMethods.xpo

2. Create menu item in 'sysContextMenu' ( AOT->Menus->sysContextMenu ).

  Set 'MenuItemType' property to 'Action' and select 'MI_GenParmMethods' in the 'MenuItemName'


1. Expand 'AOT->Classes' node.

2. Select and rightclick desired class.

3. Select 'Generate parm methods'.

4. Set check marks on desired variables in the 'Class members' list.

5. Press 'Generate' button.

Tested on Axapta 3.0 SP2



  • download
  • added an option to generate ordinary props (without parm)
  • changed UI to temporary table
  • removed if(prmIsDefault(_value)) checks