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I am 32 years old, living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am employed by Microsoft as a Senior Software Engineer in the SCM team on the Microsoft Dynamics AX product.

My Blog (Dynamics AX Tools and Tutorials)

IDE Extensions[edit]

  • AxCreateNewProject -- a tool that really speads up the creation of projects. You can basically do it in a matter of 2 clicks
  • Editor_scripts_OpenInAOT -- an Editor Script that allows to open the selected object (in the code editor) in the AOT. This works for most of the objects that are usually used in code. The list of object types can be extended.
  • AxGoToDeclaration --a tool that allows to go to the declaration of a selected variable from code. (the line with the declaration is highlighted with the cursor
  • AxCopyTableFieldListToClipboard -- a tool that copies a template of table fields into the Windows Clipboard. If you need to create a record in a table, this tool will help you do it fast. Multiple ways of selecting a table possible.
  • AxPromptDBSync -- a small project that allows wider control of the syncronization process
  • DEV SysTableBrowser -- an extended version of the SysTableBrowser form, providing extra useful functionality
  • SysExportDialog -- extension of the system form, adding the type of the object in the export file name
  • Editor_scripts_OpenOverriddenMethodDef -- an Editor Script that allows to navigate to the overridden method declaration of a class in one of the descendent classes

Tabax Plugins[edit]