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Task macro

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The Task macro lists some of the possibilites for the task Id as passed to the Task method on a FormRun object. The task method is called whenever certain actions take place on a form. These are generally related to keypresses, or record operations.

You can override the task() method on a form (element level) or for a global hook, add code to the existing override on the SysSetupFormRun class.

<xpp> public int task(int _taskId) {

   int ret;
   // Add your code here
   ret = super(_taskId);
   return ret;

} </xpp>

The macro values listed are as follow:

<xpp> // Task-ID values, to be used with formControl's // return value from the method task() //--------------------------------------------------------

  1. define.taskF1(257)
  2. define.taskEnter(288)
  3. define.taskShiftEnter(307)
  4. define.taskNew(260)
  1. define.taskShortCutMenuKey(519)
  2. define.taskAlt(520)
  1. define.taskArrowUp(1281)
  2. define.taskArrowDown(1282)
  3. define.taskArrowLeft(1283)
  4. define.taskArrowRight(1284)

// PgUp and PgDn are the numerical keyboard page up and page down commands.

  1. define.taskPgUp(1285)
  2. define.taskPgDn(1286)
  1. define.taskNextRecord(2817)
  2. define.taskPrevRecord(2818)
  1. define.taskDeleteRecord(2832)
  1. define.taskPageDown(2819)
  2. define.taskPageUp(2820)
  1. define.taskTab(2827)
  1. define.taskShortCutMenuFilterByField(2843)
  2. define.taskShortCutMenuFilter(2844)
  3. define.taskShortCutMenuFind(799)
  4. define.taskFilter(2837)
  5. define.taskFilterSetup(2847)
  6. define.taskFilterHide(2848)