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I have large flat text files(tab delimited) exported out of our AS400 databases for importing into Axapta 3.0 SP4 system/MS SQL 2000.

These files can be quite large. Our contractor/consultant said that importing into Axapta with native importing tools will take a great amount of time.

What would be the preferred method of importing these files? I have imported test files using SQL server DTS Packages mapping columns to desired table fields.

The load did not take that long. Can this be done and still maintain REFID and DataAreaID references? Should they default to something or will Axapta create these on Resync commands??

Tranzonic Axapta DBA

Always import information, such as you've described, into Axapta using Journals.

Let me suggest therefore that you connect to axapta using the COM connector; through this connection create a Journal that will hold the information from your text file.

Once you have loaded the content of the text file into your Journal through COM, you can Access this journal from Axapta where it can be later verified and posted.

If the text file is considerably large, you might consider breaking it into smaller files for greater manageability.

The advantage of using a journal for this purpose are many, these include:

     - No need to worry about generating RecId and DataArearid
     - A Journal can be easily reversed if posted incorrectly
     - One central area to verify/reconcile and Post transactions 
     - Maintain the data integrity of the Axapta Database

If you need additional help on this I can be contacted at

Dale Clarke Project Manager/ Developer J. Wray and Nephew Ltd

The RecId and DataAreaId fields won't be filled automatically, and often need to be specified due to DB restraints. Anyway, they are fundamental to the system. The DataAreaId itself is easy, you just need to fill the field with the company code, but the RecId is more difficult. You could theoretically write a stored procedure which will retrieve the next RecId value and update it directly from/to the database directly, but I don't recommend this. I would write simple import scripts in X++ which read your text files and insert the records using X++.

If you are doing transactional data, then I agree with Dale Clarke above that they should go through journals. It's safer and you have a chance to correct things easily inside Axapta before posting. For base data (inventory items, customers etc) then you can insert directly into the destination tables. I would use the RecordInsertList functionality and skip the insert() statements (making sure you duplicate any necessary code...). Then it will run relatively quickly.

AJ 09:34, 15 February 2007 (EST)

Quality order issue in dynamics ax 2012[edit]

I have configured the quality association for Route operation Oper1. Now created the Production order for 100 quantity Start the route operation Oper1 for 60 quantity but System creating quality order for 100 quantity instead 60. System always considering the production order quantity not the route operation quantity.