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SysInfoAction class

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The SysInfoAction class provides the ability to add an action to the standard infolog. The user can then perform the action by clicking the infolog. The SysInfoAction class can be extended to perform custom actions e.g. opening a file using the default application.


The example below uses the SysInfoAction_Formrun class and will open the "Accounts receivable parameters" form if the user clicks the infolog. <xpp> static void AV_TestSysInfoAction_FormRun(Args _args) {

   SysInfoAction_FormRun    infoAction = SysInfoAction_FormRun::newFormName(formStr(CustParameters));
   infoAction.parmDescription("Open parameters");
   info("The parameters have not been entered.", "", infoAction);

} </xpp> The code below uses the SysInfoAction_Formrun and will open the "Accounts receivable parameters" form and it will set focus to the "Default tax group" field if the user clicks the infolog. <xpp> static void AV_TestSysInfoAction_FormRunControlName(Args _args) {

   SysInfoAction_FormRun   infoAction;
   infoAction = SysInfoAction_FormRun::newFormnameControlnameDesc(formStr(CustParameters),
                "Fix problem");
   info("The default tax group is not set.", "", infoAction);

} </xpp>

You can also use SysInfoAction class to open form related to the record without necessity of specifying the form name. <xpp> VendAccount vendAccount = 'SONY';

info("Vendor: " + vendAccount, , SysInfoAction_TableField::newBuffer(VendTable::find(vendAccount))); </xpp>

Infolog stack trace -- infolog action to show full stack trace