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Startup Tool

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Startup Tool allows to start up forms and other objects during the starting of Dynamics AX. Primary intention is easy way to configure starting of the development tools like Tabax, AxAssist, Unit Testing Toolbar etc., but that is actually able to start any menu item.

Every item can be configured for all users, specific user group or particular user. Value set on general level can be redefined on in-depth level. StartupTool.gif


StartupTool 0.2


StartupTool 0.2[edit]

  • Added support for Axapta 3.0.


  • Import .xpo file into Dynamics AX. Note that relation 2==UtilElements.recordType (OutputTool) was removed from type MenuItemName. I believe that the relation is a bug.
  • Add X++ code for executing Startup Tool. Copy code below to the method workspaceWindowCreated() in the Info class:

<xpp>if (!WinAPI::isShiftButtonDown()) {



  • Optionally add menu item StartupItem to main menu (it has configuration and security key for Basic module, but you can change it, of course). Alternatively you can open form StartupItem from AOT.
  • Start the form and set up desired configuration.

Supported Dynamics AX versions[edit]

  • Developed in Dynamics AX 4.0 SP2
  • Tested in Axapta 3.0 SP3, Dynamics AX 2009


Instead of labels are used hard-coded English texts.