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The SQL Server Reporting Services are part of the SQL Server 2005. The Reporting Services are integrated sind Dynamics AX 4. The SQL Server Reporting Services components have to be installed and configured to run the Dynamics AX Reporting Service integration. The SSRS integration is intended to support ad hoc reporting for key users and trained end users. Its a great opportunity to extract data without programming.


Use the Configuration Dialog in Dynamics AX to setup the reporting feature. The setup can be found from the main menu, tool, reporting tools, reporting server. You have to provide the the Reporting Manger and Webservice URL. In the advanced tab set the default datasource and folder at the report manager site.

Ssrs setup.png


It is necessary to export the semantic data model from Dynamcis AX to the reporting server. Data for reporting is grouped in perspectives. These groups can be found in the AOT in the Data Dictionary. A perspective groups tables that belong semantically together. Use the Update function at the main menu, tools, reporting tools, Update Models to deploy the semantic data model at the reporting server. Updating the data model takes a while.

Ssrs perspectives.png

Report Builder[edit]

The report builder is an easy to use tool for creating reports based on the SQL Server reporting services. Start the report builder either from the main menu, Tools, Reporting tools, Report Builder or directly from the report manager website. The report builder supports the creation of table-like reports, matrix or diagrams. The first step in the report builder is to choose a perspective and select a report type. The tables appear at the left side of the report builder. Drag and drop the fields and aggregated values as needed.

Ssrs table.png

A matrix report is similar to cross table in excel. Use a matrix report to group and drill down facts. A good way to provide simple analysis for end users.

Ssrs matrix.png


The SQL Server Reporting Service provide great features for exporting and transforming report data. Like providing the report result as XML file. A nice feature is the excel export combined with a matrix table. You can also define report abonements and update the export data periodically.

Ssrs excel.png