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Image Class

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Image is a system class for handling image data.

The class can construct and manipulate Image objects of the following file types:

  • Raster (bitmap) formats - .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, .tiff, and .exif
  • Vector formats - .emf and .wmf

Because of security reasons the class in Dynamics Ax can not be run from the server and is bound to the client.

The image object can be created from scratch, captured from the screen or loaded from a file. It can then be cropped, resized, flipped, rotated etc...


Load an image from file and place it in a table:

<xpp> Image image; str fileName;

filename = myImagePath + myImageFile;

if (Image::canLoad(Filename)) {

   myTable.imageContainer = image.getData();



...and to display the image on a form:

<xpp> Image Image; container imageContainer;

imageContainer = myTable.imageContainer;

Image = new Image(); Image.setData(imageContainer);

imageWindow.image(Image); imageWindow.widthValue(image.width()); imageWindow.heightValue(image.height()); </xpp>