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Create Standard Methods Extension

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This extension creates methods find and exist (2k)


  • unzip
  • add the action menu item 'DEV_CreateStandardMethods' to the sysContextMenu menu


  • rightclick table in AOT
  • select "Create find and exist"
  • select index
  • press OK

Remove MenuItem from all AOT Add-Ins menues[edit]

To show the menuItem for creating find and exist methods only where it's appropriate, on tables nodes, add the following code into the verifyItem method of SysContextMenu class: (you have to add it into the MenuItemAction section) <xpp>case MenuItemType::Action:</xpp> <xpp>

               case menuItemActionStr(DEV_CreateStandardMethods):
                   if (this.selectionCount() != 1 || firstNode.AOTIsOld())   //Does not work for old nodes
                       return false;
                   if (!docNode && _firstType == UtilElementType::Table)
                       return true;
                   return false;



  • 2007-10-23
    • translated to english
    • pickIndex replaced by dialog with index name and suffix (it is added to endex name such as 'byGUID' will lead to 'findByGUID' and 'existByGUID')
    • SysDevelopment security key
    • all objects now have DEV_ prefix
  • 2006-12-31 generation for temporary tables, refactoring