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Components mapping rules

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These component mapping rules provide a standardised way to map AOT components to their description in Axaptapedia. Articles conforming to this naming convention form part of the AOT reference information.


Provide easy two-way method to find AOT element by describing wiki page and and vice versa

Mapping rules[edit]

AOT path wiki path
\Data Dictionary\Tables\<Name> <Name> table
\Data Dictionary\Tables\<Name>\<Method> <Name> table#<Method>
\Classes\<Name> <Name> class
\Classes\<Name>\<Method> <Name> class#<Method>
\Data Dictionary\Forms\<Name> <Name> form
\Data Dictionary\Forms\<Name>\<Method> <Name> form#<Method>

Primitive and complex data types[edit]

Use <name> type


  • Discussion of the Map (Axapta Foundation Class) type, should be in an article titled Map type.
  • Discussion of the built-in string type should be titled String type.

Title headings should normally have their first letter capitalised.