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Complexity analysis in best practice checks

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This tool shows you how to add your own checks into the best practice checks in Axapta. It was written by Anders Tind Sørensen as a Bachelor thesis for the Technical University of Denmark day. The thesis is called "Measuring Complexity In X++ Code". What it is all about: Anders makes an addition to the Best Practice Checks in Axapta to measure the complexity of the written code. This is based on software metrics like: Cyclomatic Complexity, Lack of Cohesion of Methods, Number of Source Lines, Comment Percentage, etc.

All changes made to Axapta are inside the PDF which can be downloaded here: Anders has sent me the source code of the add-in and you can download it here: download xpo (66k)

You can download the version that is updated for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 here (110 kb). It also includes the short manual (2 steps) for user setup. Just unzip the archive, import the XPO (choosing to overwrite the existing elements).