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Compare tool doesn't recognize changes

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Built-in compare tool in Axapta does not recognise changes in field properties on forms.

The compare tool of Axapta reports "No Differences" although properties on fields on forms are different. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new form
  2. Add VendTrans as a Datasource
  3. Add a group to the design
  4. Add the field "AmountMST" to the group
  5. Save the form.
  6. Export the form
  7. Change the property "SignDisplay" of the field AmountMST on the form from "Auto" to "None"
  8. Save the form
  9. Choose import and select the file created in step 6.
  10. Check the box "Show Details"
  11. Expand the tree to show the form
  12. Right-click the form and choose "Compare"
  13. On the comparison dialog, click compare. A message is displayed saying "No differences found."
  14. Select the advanced tab on the comparison dialog.
  15. Uncheck the option "Show differences only"
  16. Click compare.
  17. If you examine the tree, you will see the difference between the xpo and the form in the AOT.

This bug was fixed in Axapta 3.0 sp3:

GB-249-622-DEBN Import/Export problem in Axapta 2.5 and 3.0. Previously, if you changed a field property on a form, then exported it, and then imported it again, the change would be ignored, despite being preserved in the export file. The problem would only occur if no method existed on that particular field. The error has been corrected.