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AxAssist is a Microsoft Dynamics AX development tool.

AxAssist tool make the daily work in the Microsoft Dynamics AX Editor easier. All versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX starting with version 3.0 are supported (Axapta 3.0, Dynamics AX 4.0, Dynamics AX 2009, Dynamics AX 2012).

AxAssist 2012 overview can be found here

For details see homepage:

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AxAssist works independently on Microsoft Dynamics AX functionality, except small changes in class EditorScripts. Details are described in installation section. Please read it before installation.


DAX Editor window
AOT advanced caption/AxAssist Toolbar
  • Additional suggestions in Editor:
    • Variable lists
    • Name matching (suggestion list based on AOT names)
    • Acronyms (suggestion list based on AOT short names)
    • User list (customized suggestion list in DAX Editor)
  • Customizable hotkeys and toolbars:
    • Managing Hotkeys (run your x++ code by hotkey, e.g. any of EditorScripts method)
    • Managing Toolbars in DAX Editor and Main Toolbar
  • Extended navigation:
    • Browsing elements directly in DAX Editor
    • Opening elements directly from DAX Editor
    • Browsing tables in one click
    • Advanced caption for AOT element
    • Switching between object methods without using AOT

Additional suggestions in Editor:[edit]

Variable lists[edit]

When you type code in Microsoft Dynamics AX Editor, AxAssist analyzes it and offers list of suggestions.

  • The list contains all available (defined) variables for current recognized element (class variables, datasources and corresponding tables, controls with property AutoDeclaration set to “Yes”).
  • For operations like (“==”, “!=”, “=” and etc.) AxAssist determines type of the left operand and offers list of compatible variables.
  • If you type function call, AxAssist analyzes type of current parameter and offers list of compatible variables.

Axapta userlist1.gif Axapta userlist2.gif

Name matching[edit]

This suggestion list base on AOT names. The list contains all class, table, Extended Data Type and enum names including system types.

Axapta namematching1.gif


Acronyms are short and simple abbreviations for symbols - typically the uppercase letters of a name. Type an acronym and AxAssist finds the symbol you want. Acronyms let you type code with fewer keystrokes.

Axapta acronym ex1.gif

User list[edit]

"User list" allows to add customized suggestions into list. This list is sorted automatically.

Axapta info.gif

Customizable hotkeys and toolbars[edit]

  • You can customize up to 10 AxAssist’s Editor hotkeys by writing appropriate processing in editorHotkey() method of DEV_AxAssistHotkeys class.
  • Also you can customize up to 10 AxAssist’s General hotkeys by writing appropriate processing in globalHotkey() method of DEV_AxAssistHotkeys class.

See example in How to add new hotkey.

Extended navigation[edit]

AxAssist shows additional information of the variables under cursor in DAX Editor. If you working with unfamiliar code, AxAssist sheds light on any class, table, EDT or enum defined in currently opened element.

This behavior can be customized.

DAX Editor window


If you have suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me

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