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Assets4DAX is a Enterprise Asset Management add-on module for Microsoft Dynamics AX developed by itwrkx [1] that helps your organization minimize asset total cost of ownership while streamlining your asset management operations, and because it's fully integrated with your ERP platform it connects people, processes, assets, industry-based knowledge and decision support capabilities providing a complete view of an organization's asset base, enabling managers to control and optimize their operations for quality and efficiency.

With Assets4DAX you can manage the design, construction, commissioning, operations, maintenance and decommissioning/replacement of plant, equipment and facilities, across departments, locations, facilities and, in some cases, business units. Improving utilization and performance, reducing capital costs, reducing asset-related operating costs, extending asset life and subsequently improving Return on Assets.

It is simply a must especially in capital-intensive industries such as utilities, process/discrete manufacturing, health care and real estate where physical assets form a significant proportion of the total assets of an organization who operate in highly competitive markets and deal with high value assets and equipment, and where each failure is disruptive and costly, and where you must also adhere to increasingly stringent occupational and environmental safety regulations.