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Welcome to Axaptapedia, a Mediawiki based repository for Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) articles, tips and tricks.

The Wiki concept promotes an online encyclopedia of shared knowledge. Every user - including you - can not only create articles, but modify existing ones even if they aren't the original author. In this way, the accuracy and completeness of the articles can be improved whenever a user notices incorrect or missing information.

Using Axaptapedia

Reading the articles

To view all articles created on Axaptapedia, go to the all pages section, or drill down through the categories. Alternatively, use the search function on the left to find existing articles. For assistance with the search function go here.

Some useful quick links to development articles follow:

Editing an article

To edit an existing article, use the edit link that appears at the top of every article page. You can easily insert X++ code, and it have it coloured automatically (and the indentation retained). Just wrap your code in <xpp> and </xpp> tags, as shown below

<syntaxhighlight lang="xpp">
private void run()
  // Test
  str s = "hi";

will result in:

private void run()
  // Test
  str s = "hi";

Creating a new article

If you wish to create a new article, then please perform a search first. There may already be a similar article which can be extended with with your new information. If you cannot find anything suitable, then search again using the "Go" button, if you haven't already, and use the link on the results page to create your new article. Please note that the new article will have exactly the same name as the search term used.

Article ideas

Check out the Article ideas page if you would like to request an article, or want to help build the Axaptapedia knowledge base and write one of your own to satisfy somebody else's request.

Recent new pages

Other useful sites

Check out the Axapta Communities page for links to some other online Axapta resources.

Don't forget to visit the Dynamics Ax community homepage

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