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This page is intended to be used as a community page for Sidax project.

Sidax is a freeware extension - SIDebar for dynamics AX

For details see homepage:

Feel free to ask questions here or at

download (49K) the latest beta


Ask questions here, at discussion tab or as comments to my blog

what is Sidax?[edit]

Sidax is an extension for Axapta allowing to see and manipulate opened windows

what license Sidax use?[edit]


why recent projects function does not work?[edit]

I think the problem is in the localization (or lack of it in sidax :) ).

If the window title of open project in your axapta starts with something other than "Project " just add the following line in the \Forms\Sidax\Methods\classDeclaration (after #localmacro.projectPrefixes):

 #prefix("YourPrefix ")        

compile and start the 'Sidax' form

Running sidax automatically[edit]

If you do this, Sidax will start, when you login Axapta.

Open Info class and modify the startupPost method. Replace yourUserID with the name you log in to Axapta. <xpp>

 No SYS code must exist in this method
 void startupPost()
   // ======== Sidax start: =============
   // check for user ID and ask for confirmation
   if(curUserId()=='yourUserID' && Box::yesNo('Run sidax?', DialogButton::Yes)==DialogButton::Yes)
       // actually run sidax
   // ========== end of Sidax start =============

</xpp> Note: If you want to skip question, just remove: <xpp>

 Box::yesNo('Run sidax?', DialogButton::Yes)==DialogButton::Yes)



0.4 beta 6[edit]

download (90K)

  • multiple selection of main menu items
  • new item named "Show access" in the main menu item's context menu. If you choose this item all groups which have access to that item will be output to infolog

0.4 beta 2[edit]

download (49K)

  • now sidax deletes not ecisting projects when loading (by User:IvanKashperuk)
  • if you select some main menu item, path to it will be expanded while main menu reloading (useful for searching items with filter and thex exploaring theit area)

0.4 beta 1[edit]

  • AOT is loading on demand only (there was some strange side effects with AOT loaded)

0.4 beta 0[edit]

download (49K)

  • AxPath support - you can copy AxPath of the menu item in the main menu tab or use the "go component" tab to navigate axpath item

0.3.7 beta[edit]

download (35K)

  • AOT inside sidax
  • Main Menu is cached - so you can use properties window immediately
  • "House" can host various windows (thanx to IPV6 from AxForum)
  • when you click the window it will be restored if it is minimized
  • autohide - the option at about tab
  • images in main menu

0.3.6 - 12.09.2006[edit]

download (27k)

  • X++ calculator
  • go component
  • used graphix from the Tango project
  • some Tabax improvements to the window handling
  • "Set as startup project" in recent projects

0.3.5 - 06.05.2006[edit]

  • if you press a small heart at the main menu you see only previously used menu items
  • you can move you settings between databases (see 'about' tab)
  • if you rightclick the project history you can delete projects from history and copy names
  • small visual improvements

0.3.4 - 05.03.2006[edit]

  • now you can setup project window titles and timings by editing the 'class declaration' section of sidax
  • window tab reflect window title changes
  • Its now safe to run sidax by end users - checks for access to menuitems added; check for development rights at start deleted
  • sidax now uses default menu of the user instead the main menu



version 0.3.x[edit]
version 0.4[edit]
  • AxPath
  • add "favorites" feature for remembering menu items and records


If you have some suggestion to the sidax just add it here:

  • suggestions will become TODO if accepted, than go to changelog when implemented
  • add favourite is a bit imprecise: i was meaning the following - stored bookmarks should result in starting systablebrowser or opening a standalone form (at developers risk if form is depending of active record)
    • The answer (--Max 09:40, 8 August 2006 (EST)):
      • Get args.caller of the active form
      • if it is null then:
        • get args.menuItem
        • get currenly selected record or query (depending on user choice)
        • remember it in favorites
  • a useful list of recently opened methods (10 or 15 entries) across the AOT-objects. possibly together in split screen with favourite feature
    • --Max 00:57, 7 September 2006 (EST) does anybody know howto implement it? how to detect that method is recenly opened?
  • Go component - фоку�? на поле ввода наименовани�? �?ленемта - было б удобнее, �?ейча�? фоку�? на кнопке Go


Great thanx to: