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Primitive UnitTesting framework for Ax3 | download (4K) |



<xpp> class Test_Simple extends AxUnitTestCase { } void testTrivial() {

   this.assertEquals(2*2, 4);

} </xpp>


  • import axUnit2.xpo
  • recompile all
  • if you have a tabax place action_axunittestrunner.bmp in the '<application>\Share\Include\tabax\plugs' folder
  • run install job


  • create a class extending AxUnitTestCase
  • add a method named testXXX
  • use assertXXX methods to test various conditions
  • in you want a common environment (fixture) in multiple tests, add instance variables to the class and setup them an the setup method, ad finalize tham in the tearDown method if nessesary
  • run tests via addins menu (right click on the AOT node containing tests - Addins - AxUnit - run tests)