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Tutorial Form MultiSelectCheckBox

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A tutorial about MultiSelect options in Dynamics AX[edit]

download the project




Sometimes, simply selecting the lines you want in a datasource and pressing OK (or other button) is not enough for the users. They want to clearly see what they have selected, be able to easily modify the selecting, and to their liking whould be to see a checkbox on the left of the grid for each line. (For an example, see CustTransOpen form where you mark transaction with a checkbox)

Here is a simple tutorial form based on InventTable datasource. You can select multiple lines and process the lines by pressing Process lines button.

Update (2007-03-13)[edit]

  • Added 2 more Tabs - using Set(Types::Record) and InventTable.setTmp() - to see if the difference with StandardMultiSelect is smalled for these processing options
  • Added a chechbox on the form to control whether the Infolog messages with Itemname are shown. (While testing on large amounts of Inventory, it's better not to show the ItemName due to performance issues)
  • The selected records are cleared after processing - this is done to free the memory used up to hold all the selected lines. (it is performed automatically when the form is closed)

Update (2007-03-06)[edit]

  • Various tabs now allow selecting different processing options. Play around with them to choose the best method for yourself.
  • A server based class performs the processing.
  • Results are output into the infolog.
  • 5 possible combinations are allowed. (Standard DAX MultiSelect, using SET, using a temporary TmpInventTable table)

Resuls I received on my DAX installations (2-tier and 3-tier)[edit]

Memory Results[edit]

MemoryResults (2-tier).PNGMemoryResults (3-tier).PNG

Processing Results[edit]

Results (2-tier).PNGResults (3-tier).PNG

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