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Try running the SysRecIdRepair class in the AOT, It takes a long time to run but will clean it up significantly.

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Can anybody shed some light urgently please!!

We have a very young Axapta installation and have found that the recid's are already running negative and is being allocated towards Zero. This raises a few questions:

  1. What can cause the positive id's to be 'used up' already?
  2. If the recid's are not 'used up' what can cause the sign switch so early on in the life of the database (Apparently once the maximum positive number have been reached: 2,176,xxx,xxx, axapta goes to maximum negative and create from there - it does not seem likely that we have exhausted the positive numbers already)
  3. Is it normal for recid's to be allocated not strictly in sequence?
  4. What happens when the recid series reaches Zero?
  5. If this situation is abnormal how do we correct it?

Thanx everybody