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see also -- adding those abilities to the tree context menu (skip russian text for code)

I've taken parts of the original, of yours (Max) and some of my own, and rewritten it all to be a bit more standard.

It's a hybrid now but hopefully will be a good standard base. Everybody is of course still welcome to amend the article and improve things. AJ 13:16, 24 Jan 2006 (PST)

added xpo file for 3.0 / SP4[edit]

I've added an xpo, that includes changes from SP2 in the SysSetupForm class, that are missing in the original file from Andrew. Since those changes are from SP2, the file should be good for SP2 and SP3 too. Beside the code from SP2, I added a few checkin comments, so that all changes to the two elements are covered by checkin comments now (I like checkin comments despite the compare functionality). I would have liked to change the names of the new methods to include a project prefix as well, but did not want to go that far ;-)