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I have been seeing a lot of strings like this:

       #// Óíàñëåäîâàòü íåïåðåêðûòûå ïàðàìåòðû îò _parent

in the xpo (and the import). What charset / language is this?

In addition, I am unable to compile the toolkit, Axapta throws the following error here (freely translated from German):

VCS_Repository::construct(): The object could not be created, the abstract method VCS_Repository.itemByPath(container) was not implemented.

Interestingly enough, the methods are all there, fine and ready. I believe that the Axapta compiler has sever problems resolving the cycles there (basically one abstract class referencing the VSS_Item interface if I get this right).

Any ideas?

Torben Nehmer <torben dot nehmer at cancom dot de>

  1. This is Russian Cyrillic Windows-1251 charset
  2. Sorry there are several dependencies loops:
  • comment lines where construction of undefined things is going on
  • recompile all
  • uncomment commented lines
  • recompile all

--Max 08:28, 28 September 2006 (EST)