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SQL Dictionary[edit]

The SQLDictionary Table in the Ax SQL server database is the table which describes all of the Ax tables and fields.

FieldId = 0 = table name, otherwise they are the fields for that table

TABLEID  : Table Id

FIELDID  : Field Id, when 0 it si the name of the table

ARRAY  : Is zero when FieldId is zero

NAME  : Name of the Table/Field depending on Id

SQLNAME  : Name of the Table/Field in SQL, remember when recreating the same table with a long name you will get ttttnnnn where nnnn is unique in SQL server

FIELDTYPE  : Type of field

STRSIZE  : size of string



NULLABLE  : Is Nullable




<xpp> select * from SQLDictionary where tableid = 1 order by FieldId </xpp>

will bring back all of the columns for the address table