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Padding strings

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Axapta provides us with an easy way to pad strings with extra characters.

A common situation where this is required is use a "fake" number sequence inside Axapta. If you wish to increment a counter, but store or display it as a string such as "NUM-00001", "NUM-00002" etc then padding the counter with zeros is required.

We can use the strRFix() and strLFix() methods to achieve this. <xpp> int i = 1; str padded; str finalResult;

padded = strRFix(int2str(i), 5, "0"); // Create a string, with a length of 5, ending with the value of i and padded with zeros finalResult = strFmt("NUM-%1", padded); </xpp>

This will populate finalResult with NUM-00001

If we use strLFix instead of strRFix, it will pad to the right with zeros, giving us NUM-10000