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Moving Table between layers

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... And keep the data !

I do realize that there is already an article on this topic that can be found here : Move DB objects to another layer but I did'nt want to edit it and spoil the article.

Anyway, the article was a good beginning on how to do the moving of tables between layers, but there were a few things missing and it was not quite working on Dynamics Ax 2009 for me. One of the problems for example are long table names. They get shortened in SQL server and the Id is used to make the name unique so after moving the table, Dynamics Ax will look for the table with the old id in the name. So I decided to build some kind of wizard for this.

Wizard PostResults.jpg

The whole explanation about how it works and what it does kan be found here

Axilicious : Moving objects between layers

Downloading the sources :

download xpo