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MainMenuUserPath Tool creates user path to main menu items, directly from user navigation pane.

Russian version[edit]

Russian version of this topic



  • EN: [Accounts receivable]-->[Setup]-->[Commission]-->[Customer groups for commission]
  • DE: 'Debitoren'>>'Einstellungen'>>'Provision'>>'Kundengruppen für Provision'
  • RU: "Расчеты с клиентами"-->"Настройка"-->"Комиссия"-->"Группы клиентов для комиссии"


  • Creates menu path string by one button click
  • Support language
  • Support formatting
  • One-time parameters setup


  • Axapta 4.0 and 2009
  • Outlook-like menu (navigation pane), not classic menu(2.5, 3.0)


  • import and merge XPO


  • 1. Open main menu, go to menu item you want to create path to.
  • 2. Open context menu on it (mouse right-button click).
  • 3. While holding “Ctrl” button (or "Shift" to use predefined parameters), select “Add to favorite” point.
  • 4. Setup parameters you need in opened dialog form and click 'OK'
  • 5. Newly created menu path will be copied to clipbord with confirmation in infolog message window.


It's also possible to create menu user path directly from AOT. For this function, action menu item should be created, and inserted to SysContextMenu.