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Form Control With Spell Checking

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You could use this spell checking control on any form. To add it to your label editor take the following steps:

1. Import the xpo

2. Copy the DLL's to your %AXDIR%/50/Client/Share/Include directory on your AOS server.

3. Clear out the usage data for SysFileDeployer on the client (or change the return value of the 'Classes\ApplicationVersion\applBuildNo' method): UsageDataSysFileDeployer.png

4. Open a client, accept files to deploy, then test that Forms/DevWpfTextBoxControlForm opens Ok.

5. Drag and drop the Group:WpfTextBoxControlGroup from the Forms\Dev_WpfTextBoxControlForm design onto the \Forms\SysLabelSearch\Designs\Design\[Group:MainGroup]\[Tab:Tab]\[TabPage:LabelTab]\[Group:SearchResultGroup]\[Group:FindToolbar] group: SysLabelSearch-dragAndDrop.png

6. Make the SearchString StringEdit control non-visible

7. Add this code "wpfTextBoxControl.TextBoxValue(text)" to the SysLabelSearch\defineLabel method: SysLabelSearchInstall-defineLabel.png

8. Add this code "wpfTextBoxControl.TextBoxLanguage(selectLanguage.text());" to the SysLabelSearch\changeLanguage method: SysLabelSearchInstall-changeLanguage.png

See also[edit]

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