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FormDigger is Microsoft Dynamics AX add-on, developed as user interface extension. The main purpose of FormDigger is help to find out any field on Microsoft Dynamics AX forms, which represent business logic. It also allows generate form field path, simplifying user navigation and user guides’ creation.

Russian version[edit]


  • Quick search and navigation to any form field and button(searching by user label or system field name)
  • Create form field path with custom format and language
  • Make a screenshot of any open form
  • Visual field highlight while searching process
  • Show various system information for current selected field
  • Press any form button directly from FormDigger
  • Jump to element-related object (table field, display\edit method, datasource table)
  • Show form and data sources names in FormDigger caption


Versions 1.1 (new)

Versions 1.0 beta: (old)



  • import and merge XPO


  • 1. Open any AX form, press "Alt+~".
  • 2. Read FormDigger build in help.


Don't hesitate to ask any questions about FormDigger