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FormDataSource Class

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A FormDataSource objects represents a query datasource used to fetch and display data in a form.

How to use[edit]


The FormDataSource objects are automatically created on all forms which use datasources. The easiest way to access them is to use the provided programming shortcut _ds appended to the datasource name.

<xpp> FormDataSource datasource = VendTable_ds;

datasource.reread(); </xpp>

Methods and Properties[edit]


public boolean cacheAddMethod(str _methodName, [boolean _updateOnWrite])

The cacheAddMethod function is used to enable display method caching.


public boolean cacheCalculateMethod(str methodName)

The cacheCalculateMethod function is used to programmatically recalculate a cached display method.


public boolean forceWrite([boolean _value])

The forceWrite function, when called with true, is used to flag the current table buffer as "dirty". Normally the system will automatically commit changes to a record when a form is closed, a new record is selected etc, only if it detects that the record has been modified. Using forceWrite ensures that the system considers the record as modified irrespective of whether it has automatically detect any changes.

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