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The filter-by-grid feature is a commonly-used way of filtering records in a grid.

Turning on the filter-by-grid[edit]

  • Click inside the grid (set focus on the grid). Press ctrl + g. You can press ctrl + up to move the cursor from the rows into the filter area.
  • Click the filter-by-grid button in the tool bar.

Turning on filter-by-grid by default on a specific form[edit]

Call the task method on the form element with the number 2855. You should place the following code in the run method.

<xpp> void run() {


} </xpp>

Turning on filter-by-grid by default on all forms[edit]

Place the following code inside of <xpp> this.task(2855); </xpp>


Any form that has the grid as the first input control will show the filter-by-grid and others will not. There are two workarounds: set all controls before the grid to Skip = Yes or override the firstField method on the form so that the grid is selected first. The overriden firstField method should set focus on the grid. It will not enable the filter-by-grid feature on all grids on the form.

<xpp> void firstField(int flags=1) {


} </xpp>