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Description / Features[edit]

This plugin, when started (which happens automatically on startup of Tabax), adds a button on the Tabax toolbar. (it resembles a green ‘Recycle Bin’). This plugin keeps track of windows you use during the day, providing for a simple and fast way to open one of them again. This includes editor windows, AOT object windows and regular Axapta forms (this does not include forms opened from other forms). This tool is available to both dev and non-developers. If you do not have developer rights, the AOT and editor windows are not kept track of and the recent windows list is used solely for DAX forms. The nice part of this is the specific record you last used is remembered as well, so you can reopen a form and start working with the record right away. (AxPath is used for this)


If you download the MenuImages class and import it into your Dynamics application, images, corresponding to the type of the object saved will be shown near the window title in the popup menu.


version 0.1.1 - download


version 0.1 - download


Tabax version 0.3 or higher is needed for the Plugin to work

Installation Instructions[edit]

Import the project and refresh the AOD (this is specifically needed for the rich AX4 client)

How to use[edit]

Here is a list of what will happed when the button on the toolbar is pressed:

  • A context menu is rolled down showing the list of windows recently closed. (maximum 15 windows are shown, but the number can be changed in the plugin ClassDeclaration method)
  • The first 10 entries are assigned hotkeys (1 to 10 (0) respectively).
  • If Ctrl key is pressed, the last closed window is opened (the selection form is skipped).
  • If Shift key is pressed, the selection form is opened.
  • You can cancel the form by pressing Esc or the CloseDialog button in the top right corner