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DEV SysTableBrowser

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This article is about a modified version of the SysTableBrowser form.



DEV_SysTableBrowser version 2.1 -- download (only the xpo. The images for Tabax can be downloaded from an older version of the tool) This version is compatible with Axapta 3.0, Dynamics AX 4.0 and Dynamics AX 2009.

DEV_SysTableBrowser version 2.0 -- download This version is compatible with Axapta 3.0 and Dynamics AX 4.0


After importing the project refresh the AOD (Tools\Development Tools\Application Objects\Refresh AOD)

Reboot the Dynamics AX Client


  • Supported on all latest available Dynamics AX releases
  • Now you can browse temporary tables as well. Tabax will help you with that.
  • Now you can browse tables (both temp and regular) from code

<xpp> SysTableBrowser::browseTable(table.TableId, table); </xpp>

  • There are two variables in method new of class SysTableBrowser


   saveQueryRun = true;    // Enables/Disables queryRun saving when new options are specified
   savePosition = true;    // Enables/Disables cursor position saving when new options are specified

</xpp> The options allow to save the user filters and cursor position when changing setup options. Both operations could result in performance problems on large tables. So you can turn them off, if that becomes a problem. (set them = false)

  • The table browser does not change its position when a different setup is selected. (Unlike standard system behavior in DAX 4.0)
  • The AutoReport option was extended, and now you are able to select any of the table field groups (See Credits).
  • Another selection option was added, providing the means to select any of the table fields to be shown in the grid. To do this, just press the ‘Select Fields’ button and select the fields you want displayed.


  • Added a list of presets for the SQL window. (SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE). The list can be easily extended to include other presets you often use.
  • Extra logic was added to the ExecuteSQL button, which executes the SQL string that the user has put into the SQL window. If it is a simple select (for example, generated by the SELECT preset), the ds query is executed instead of the sql string. This will bring back the sorting and filtering options that disappear after using the sql string query.
  • Added the ability to sort columns by name or by id. In some cases (when, for example, you cannot find a specific field) it really helps out!


Possible future improvements[edit]

You might want to take a look on adding hidden fields to the form as well:

  • If you have any ideas, contact me :)


Note, that there is a kernel bug present in AX 2009, which greatly reduces the value of this tool and the table browser in general. It takes around 10 seconds to open the table browser for a table in AX 2009. This problem was fixed with a hotfix rollup 3 and it not present in AX 6.


The modification was inspired by a similar one performed by Nicolai Hillstrom for Dynamics AX 3.0. I moved it to DAX 4.0 and added some extra features I considered useful. One of them is implemented here.

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