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DEV QueryBrowser

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QueryBrowser download (13k)

QueryBrowser for AX2012 (10k)

Often when we work with queries we need to see the result of the query. To do this usually we use QueryRun class: <xpp> QueryRun qr; qr = new QueryRun(query);

while( {

} </xpp>

To see necessary fields developer need to descriebe every field inside while loop. Like this: <xpp> QueryRun qr; MyTable myTable; AnotherMyTable anotherMyTable;

qr = new QueryRun(query);

while( {

       myTable        = qr.get(tableNum(MyTable));
       anotherMyTable = qr.get(tableNum(AnotherMyTable));
       info(strFmt('%1 %2', myTable.Field1, anotherMyTable.Field2)); // and so on...

} </xpp>

And how about analysing a dozen and more fields? To get rid this routine was developed QueryBrowser.


QueryBrowser window
  • QueryBrowser allows browse queries from AOT or custom queries as such as TableBrowser works.

For browsing query use construction: <xpp> new DEV_QueryBrowser().run( _query ); </xpp> where _query - browsing query. e.g. : <xpp> new DEV_QueryBrowser().run( new Query(queryStr(InventSum)) ); </xpp>

QueryBrowser XML statement
  • The tool is integrated with AOT. To browse query from AOT just click Add-Ins\Browse Query.
  • Ability to watch on XML structure of query.
  • QueryBrowser capable with Tabax.


QueryBrowser correctly displays queries with linear structure. Queries with tree-type structure will be correctly displayed in case when every data source in query has FetchMode 1:1 only.


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