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Color picker

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Axapta provides a ready made wrapper of the windows color picker. This article describes how it can be used:

1) Define an extended data type called MyColor with:

  FormHelp = SysChooseColor

2) Define a table with a field based on the new datatype

3) Define a form based on this table.

Now the form will use for this field the standard windows color picker as a lookup. The color RGB code returned is a string of the following format:

  #<red value in hex><green value in hex><blue value in hex>


  #FF0000 is red
  #00FF00 is green
  #0000FF is blue
  #C0C0C0 is grey

Usually most Axapta color properties will need a integer to be passed as color. To convert above string to the required integer, the follwoing function can be used:

   int Str2Color(str colorStr)
       int RValue, GValue, BValue;
       RValue = hex2int(substr(colorStr,2,2));
       GValue = hex2int(substr(colorStr,4,2));
       BValue = hex2int(substr(colorStr,6,2));
       return (WinApi::RGB2int(RValue,GValue,BValue));


--Markus Schmitz 06:34, 16 Jun 2005 (EDT)