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AxAssist 2012

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AxAssist 2012 is a Microsoft Dynamics AX development tool.

All versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 are supported.

For more details see the homepage:

Feel free to ask any questions at


The latest version of AxAssist 2012 can be downloaded from


Installation details are described in section. Please read it before installation.


Enhanced syntax highlight[edit]

Understand unfamiliar code quicker with the meaningful use of colour, italics and bolding.

Dynamics ax2012 light theme.png

Virtually all colours, in the Dynamics AX 2012 X++ Editor, can be adjusted to your liking:

Dynamics ax2012 dark theme.png


Get handy info about identifiers, methods, enums and macros right in the code.

Dynamics ax2012 quick info method.png

Code completion[edit]

Write code faster with smarter IntelliSense. Find the right suggestion faster and commit it when you want and how you want.

  • All items can be completed by entering characters that match the uppercase characters of the completed item. For example, ljt for LedgerJournalTable.

Ax2012 IntelliSense suggest acronims only.png

  • For operations like (“==”, “!=”, “=” and etc.) AxAssist 2012 determines type of the left operand and offers list of compatible variables.

Ax2012 IntelliSense suggest equalCompletion.png

  • If you type function call, AxAssist 2012 analyzes type of current parameter and offers list of compatible variables.

Ax2012 IntelliSense method parameter completion.png

Code assistance[edit]

Execute an EditorScripts command, a static class method or an AxAssist 2012 built-in handy function with configurable shortcuts.

Ax2012 config commands.PNG

Code generation[edit]

Create methods with one mouse click using SmartTags or insert commonly used code with code Snippets.

Dynamics ax2012 SmartTag parmMethod Creation.png


If you have any suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate to contact