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AOT Search within search results

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Small project which enables you to do a search within previous search results. The project has been sent to me by Jonathan Watkins.

You can download the project here: download (21K)

The xpo containts the SysAOTFind form and a new table AOT_SearchResultsTmp.

The search form has been extended by a new checkbox "Save results" and a new button "New Search". When you do a search in AOT, click on "Save results" and do your search. Then you can click on "New search" and you will be asked if you want to search within the previous results.

This is the description provided in the ClassDeclaration method of the form:

This extension allows users to save the results of their search to a temporary table, thereby allowing them to perform subsequent searches based on the results of the previous search. This means that the TreeNode Elements saved from the search are used as the starting points for the next search. The Form now has a CheckBox AOT_SaveResults, which must be checked before the search is started in order for the results to be saved. If the user wishes to perform a subsequent search based on the results, then the NewSearch button must be clicked. Here the user will be asked if he wishes to perform a search based on the results. If the answer is yes, then a new search form will be created and the result table moved to the new form. The new form is where the user performs his next search. It is possible to go back to the original search form and start another search on it's results. This process may be repeated as much as the user desires.

Comments: Take a look at the discussions to this article, where Jonathan shows some little error correction.